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I have had several root canals did over the years. Never have I had a pain free and comfortable atmosphere, and great experience until Doctor Nally.. He is a great person as he is a specialty doctor… his staff are the best you can get and I received EXCELLENT (Off the Chain) CARE. Cost is below the level of work you will get. Having someone like these folks to make your life better is PRICELESS !!!!! Thank You So Very Much.

– Danny H.

I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Nally, Elizabeth and the entire office for my wonderful care yesterday. I truly appreciate them working through lunch to help relieve my pain. I was able to get a full nights rest last night and had my temp. crown placed today and feel fantastic! I will spread the word that a root canal can be a good experience and highly recommend your office. Thank you so much!

– Janet Couture

Wow… I was just checking the website for a street address. If I’d known this testimonial thing was here, I would have posted a dozen by now. I could go on about the entire atmosphere and attitude of the office and staff; or go into the gory details about the bicycle accident in the `60s that caused me to endure countless root canals from age 12 on up—most multiple times—using some very ancient methods—performed by some fairly unconcerned “professionals…” But after having been literally traumatized from root canal experiences most of my life, I can only tell you that THIS is the place you want to go. You will cared for with thoroughly modern equipment & techniques, provided by one of the most professionally skilled, uncommonly empathetic, and absolute nicest guys I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Seriously! I wish I had 2 friends with as much character…! So, if you’ve reading these statements, you’re probably in pain and surfing the web in hopes of finding relief—or at a minimum, undecided as to where to turn. You can stop now; you will have no regrets. Just call the office, and make it go-away.

– Mark Howell

Yesterday, December 30, 2009, I had a consultation with Dr. Nally early then at noon I had my first ever root canal. Having heard nothing but horror stories about root canals and the intensity of pain, I was a little nervous, to say the least. All my worry was for naught. It was by far the best dental experience I have ever had (and I’m 62 years old). The worst part was isolating the offending tooth but once that was established, easy sailing. Dr. Nally topically anesthetized the area for the novocaine so that part was easy. I felt no pain from then on. Once I was through the procedure, I then worried about pain after the novocaine wore off. Dr. Nally gave me a prescription just in case. To my amazement (and my husband’s-who has had two root canals in the past by other dentists) I had no pain or even discomfort. I slept well. This morning, the only residual is the feeling of bruising when I crunch down on the tooth. A good warning since I’m waiting for a crown and need to keep this tooth in tact until then. I will add a caveat, Dr. Nally told me that the tooth he worked on was easy to isolate and anesthetize so that may have attributed to my unbelievable experience. I was impressed by the technology in his office and his office staff.

– Christy McCann

I had my first consultation with Dr. Nally in 2007 and it was the most enjoyable and pleasant experience that I have had from a dental establishment. Dr. Nally is such a caring and dedicated professional. He is an absolute genius at what he does. Since my first visit, I’ve returned several times over the past few years. I am very pleased with my smile and I’m constantly reminded by everyone around me. The staff is SUPER friendly and welcoming!!!!!!

– Frankisha Patterson

I use to work for Dr. Nally back in ’05-’07 and miss him dearly!! He was a great man to work for along with being a great endodontist! While I worked for Dr. Nally he was able to rescue me from horrible tooth pain by performing two root canals. It was a wonderful experience and I still make sure to refer as many people to him as I can! 🙂 I’ve meet his new assistants and they are very friendly and welcoming. When you walk into Dr. Nally’s office you know you are in the right place when you are welcomed with bright smiles and of course the adorable office mascot.

– Lauren Trammell

Dear Dr. Nally,
You and your girls – Nikki and Elizabeth – made my dreaded root canal experience the best it could be under the circumstances. I felt I was given the care and attention I needed to make it through. To each of you I say THANK YOU for all you did for me.
If it happens I need further attention in your office, I will surely have less anxiety knowing how great you all are.
Thank you again and may God Bless each of you for your kindness towards me.

– Martha G.

I have been treated by Dr. Nally off and on for years now! He and his staff are wonderful! They cater to your every need! I came up in the years of very old timey painful dental treatments, and Dr. Nally will make you forget all about those bad times. His treatments and office environment are very comforting. Thanks, Donna McMahan

– Donna McMahan

Dr. Nally has a unique practice making his patients feel at home, at ease. His staff is excellent and patient care is exceptional. What sets this practice apart is careful explanation of the procedure to be performed and, always, attention to the patient’s needs and comfort.

– Karen Iacovelli

I am not a fan of the dental office. I grew up sitting in a dental chair often and my dear dentist was so nice and our family loved his office staff but he never numbed me enough to not feel the pain when he worked on my teeth. Unfortunately, that did not leave a pleasant impression in my head as I have gone to dentists over the years.
I have been a pediatric nurse for over 20 years and have had the privilege to train other nurses and speak to nurses in college who are doing their training. I am a huge proponent of teaching nurses to learn to take care of their patients so well that it leaves a wonderful impression on their patients hearts by their service and care for them.
All of the above to say that Dr. Nally and his staff left that kind of impression on me after leaving their office the first time. From how I was greeted at my initial visit to calling me to tell me my insurance coverage to Dr. Nally letting me know in detail everything I would feel, smell, taste and hear as he worked on my tooth. And by the way, he completely numbed me and I felt no pain! My grip on the dental chair arms loosened a bit.
It is unusual to find a dentist and his staff who completely care for their patients with such a team effort. Honestly, it was refreshing!

– Annie Blackwell

Going to a dentist is something I always dread. Sometimes I will postpone an appointment several times before I work up the courage to go. When I found out I needed a root canal I thought it would be a painful procedure. I cancelled with one dentist twice, called another dentists office and was not satisfied with their answers when I asked questions. When I called Dr. Nally’s office I was so impressed with the way my questions were answered that I made the appointment and went. I am so glad that I did. Everyone there made me feel so comfortable from the minute I walked in. Dr. Nally explained everything and really made me feel at ease. The way he gave the shot was virtually painless and the procedure was not at all a difficult experience. If I ever need to have this done again I won’t hesitate to schedule with Dr. Nally. He and his entire staff go out of their way to make a dental visit as pleasant and painless an experience as possible.

– Barbara Clouse

This was my first root canal and I had heard horror stories about this procedure. I am already not a good dental patient so I was anxious about the visit. I walked in and was seen immediately. The whole procedure was very professional and pain free. I was also pleased that I received a check for my over-payment the same day my insurance company notified me of the charges. I would highly recommend Dr. Nally and his staff to anyone needing a root canal.

– Peggy M.

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